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As an advanced technique, use the PowerPoint storyboard on screen as a navigational aid. Before you start your presentation, go to Slide Sorter view and display the storyboard at a size that lets you see all of the slides at once say, 33 percent. Leave the presentation in this view, and when you re ready to present, click View, Slide Show, or press F5 to begin. At the end of the presentation, press Esc to return to Slide Sorter view. This creates an interesting visual, and because you know the storyboard so well, when someone asks a question about a slide, you can click the slide to go directly to it.

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multitasking can make threading even more efficient, as you can code in pass requests at ideal locations. Here s an example showing how to cede control from a thread:

2.times { { 10.times { |i| print i; $stdout.flush; Thread.pass } } } Thread.list.each { |thread| thread.join unless thread == Thread.main }



Applies the function to all the elements in the sequences Returns a list of those elements for which the function is true Equivalent to func(func(func(seq[0], seq[1]), seq[2]), ...) Returns the sum of all the elements of seq Calls the function, optionally supplying arguments

In this example, execution flip-flops between the two threads, causing the pattern shown in the results.

Because your new PowerPoint le is such a versatile platform, you can try endless improvisation with it as long as you follow the basic BBP approach and stick to the ground rules. Following these rules keeps the presentation rmly rooted while leaving your creative options open to try new things.

As a dynamic, object-oriented programming language, Ruby wasn t designed to be a high-performance language in the traditional sense. This is not of particular concern nowadays, as most tasks are not computationally intensive, but there are still situations where raw performance is required for a subset of functionality. In situations where extremely high performance is desirable, it can be a good idea to write the computationally-intensive code in a more powerful but less expressive language, and then call that code from Ruby. Luckily there s a library for Ruby called RubyInline, created by Ryan Davis and Eric Hodel, that makes it possible to write code in other more powerful languages within your Ruby code. It s most often used to write high-performance code in the C or C++ languages, and we ll focus on this in this section. Installing RubyInline on Unix-related platforms (such as Linux and OS X) is easy with RubyGems:

If you don t have gcc a C compiler installed, RubyInline s C support will not work, and RubyInline itself might not install. Refer to your operating system s documentation on how to install gcc.

The next chapter takes abstractions to another level, through object-oriented programming. You learn how to make your own types (or classes) of objects to use alongside those provided by Python (such as strings, lists, and dictionaries), and you learn how this enables you to write better programs. Once you ve worked your way through the next chapter, you ll be able to write some really big programs without getting lost in the source code.

Note At the time of writing, RubyInline has been reported as working on Microsoft Windows, with some

Because of your relaxed approach, you might nd that people ask you questions during the presentation or offer stories of their own experiences This is a good sign that the audience is feeling comfortable with your speaking style, and it is perfectly ne if that s the way you planned the presentation in the storyboard The danger is that these queries can also cause you to head off on a tangent that throws off your timing and story structure Handle questions graciously by quickly answering them if you can, or by acknowledging them and if necessary deferring them to the Q & A session at the end of the presentation If you don t know the answer to a question, admit that you don t know, and offer to follow up on the matter later.

significant adjustments needed (although it runs perfectly under the Cygwin environment). However, these are only to be attempted by advanced users, although they might be incorporated in the library automatically by the time of publishing. If you re a Windows user who wishes to use RubyInline, either work under Cygwin, or check the official Web site at

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